4 Ways to Identify Undervalued Stocks in India


By embracing and mastering the value investment approach, the protégé of Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett became the richest investor ever in the world. The P/E ratio is the most often used metric for determining a company’s worth. In other words, it displays how much you’d have to spend to break even. This method may vary amongst analysts because of their varying assumptions about future growth rates, capital structure, and discount rates.

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P/E ratio represents the correlation between a company’s actual share price and the capital it raised by giving out its equity shares to the shareholders and investors. With the help of the P/E ratio, the value investors can evaluate the current performance of the stocks and will it become more profitable in the upcoming days. This is why it is a crucial metric in order to find out undervalued stocks India 2023.

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Now, let’s know how to find how to find undervalued stocks in india stocks with the help of a cash flow summary. There are a couple of essential ratios that structure part of the fundamental analysis that investors ought to consider in relation to the technical analysis. Now, rather than putting a full stop here, it’s better to move forward and understand how to identify undervalued stocks specifically in India. Products and services like commission, income from financial services, income from dividends, income from brokerage & commission, other operating revenue, and rental income are offered by the firm.

To start with, the company has a PEG ratio of 0.26 which suggests that the stock is still undervalued given its future earning expectations. It has maintained a healthy ROE and ROCE of 26% and 31% over the past 3 years. Not only this, the company has shown a good profit growth of approximately 62% over the last 3 years. No wonder, Deepak Nitrite has been one of the investors’ favorite stocks. Well, this quote by Warren Buffett pretty much sums up the investing approach followed by most of the investors. It becomes imperative for investors to find companies that have good fundamentals and are also trading at cheap valuations.

But the main question that many investors have is how to identify these undervalued stocks? In this blog, we will provide an analytical framework based on which one can identify and invest in undervalued stocks. To succeed as a value investor, you don’t need a degree or hardcore understanding of economics. But you should be prepared to conduct in-depth research to find the most undervalued stocks India. Investing in these undervalued stocks in NSE means avoiding short-term swings and focusing on long-term gains.

How to Buy Stocks in India

Research is the most important factor before you invest in the share market. One can get the shares of a company at a much cheaper price than other companies. The company also maintains a good ROE ratio of 20% with a ROCE of 18.7%. The firm’s liquidity to meet its immediate needs is slightly low with a current ratio of 0.77.

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Divide the P/E ratio by the percentage growth in annual earnings per share to get the PEG ratio. Divide the price per share by the earnings per share to get a P/E ratio. The earnings per share is determined by dividing the overall profit of the company by the number of shares it has issued. Financial ratios are an excellent and time-saving method of evaluating the value of a stock. It helps in company analysis, performance valuation, and predicting the stock’s future.

Value investing is the best way to earn profits from the stock market

As per DSP Mutual Fund’s Kalpen Parekh, one of the key criteria used by DSP Mutual Fund to identify a good company is by using the return on equity metric. A high return on equity over the long term indicates that the company utilizes its capital efficiently and creates more value for shareholders. So the higher the ROE of a company, the better its performance compared to its peers. As per prevailing interest rates in India, companies that have delivered ROE of 15% or higher in the long term are considered to be good companies. Using the above stock screener, Benjamin Graham discovered companies that had a consistent record of profitability, a strong balance sheet, and a cheap valuation.

Rather than investing in only one stock, divide your budget evenly across multiple good-performing stocks and shares. Investing in a firm with significant future growth potential is always a good idea. A firm with an original or distinctive product line that has the potential to alter the world is always worth investing in. For example, if you had seen Infosys’ actual potential a few years ago, I am confident you would have profited handsomely. Another criterion for determining whether a business is inexpensive is its free cash flow . After deducting expenses, FCF is the cash flow generated by a company’s businesses and operations.

The big question is how to find undervalued stocks, India and above all how do you decide whether the stock is an overvalued or undervalued stock? Remember, these are not points in isolation and typically a combination of 3-4 of these factors is what will make for an attractive buy. The basic advantage of purchasing undervalued stocks is the prices of these undervalued stocks return automatically to the actual or intrinsic value which also means that the profits are assured. Further, it presents an opportunity to buy shares at low prices from promising or established companies.

Prior to making any decisions, carefully assess your financial situation and determine whether you can afford the potential risk of losing your money. Identifying the potential of new companies as well as the underdogs in the industry is another way to find undervalued stocks in India in 2021. Look at the companies offering disruptive products and services in the industry or creating a new market or market channel.

This review will lift the lid on five undervalued stocks in India and outline the tips and tricks to make trading them as safe and rewarding as possible. Founded in 1960, Graphite India Ltd is the pioneer in the manufacturing of carbon and graphite products in India. GIL has a strong international presence and is among the top few electrode manufacturing companies with respect to the capacity, customer bondage and impeccable quality and service.

This ratio has to be used very cautiously after looking at the components of the ratio. Determining a stock’s intrinsic value also factors in things like the company’s fiscal performance, profits, revenue generation, cash flow, etc. The value generation model also measures the revenue model of the company, brand value, business industry involving the company, developments in the market, and why its stocks are so much underrated. The price of an undervalued stock is lower than its genuine or “fair” value.

Innovative businesses can not only find new products to cater to the market but also find a new market altogether, or even a new positioning model. An example from the 1990s is how Infosys set a new benchmark of innovation in the global IT space by offering high-end solutions supported by a weak currency and a positive tax outlook. The company managed to create wealth for itself and also for the entire IT industry in India. Identifying such companies and investing in their stocks can make for a profitable long-term investment. After narrowing down the list of potentially undervalued stocks, the next step is to select the best investments from the available options. In order to select quality stocks, it is first necessary to define what a good company is.

While all the above-mentioned ratios and techniques can help you pick undervalued stocks, it is important to remember that they are not the only criterion to consider when investing. If the P/E ratio is less than 15, then analysts usually consider the stock undervalued. A lower P/E ratio indicates that investors are willing to accept a lower return from the stock in exchange for holding on to it.

Also, you must remember that choosing the cheapest stock isn’t all about undervalued stocks. Rather, the key is to find quality stocks that are available at a fair price. Given below we have simplified all these undervalued stocks in NSE for easy reference and comparison. As an integrated technology-based securities company ICICI Securities. Provides a comprehensive variety of financial services, including retail and institutional broking, the distribution of financial products, PWN, and issuer and advisory services. Let’s check out a list of undervalued stocks in NSE that you can invest in right now and expand your portfolio.

The Return on Equity ratio is used to measure a company’s profitability by revealing how much profit it generates with the money shareholders have invested in its stock. “It’s going through a product cycle, and so margins and returns have been depressed because the research and development needs are high,” Costa said. Portfolio manager Mark Costa, who runs the Brandes International Small Cap Value Fund alongside three of his colleagues, is among the top investors so far this year. One of 2023’s top investors shared his strategy for finding cheap foreign stocks.

  • “It’s far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price.” This quote by Warren Buffett gives what we can call is the perfect ending to the blog.
  • We do not offer financial advice, advisory or brokerage services, nor do we recommend or advise individuals or to buy or sell particular stocks or securities.
  • For instance, smaller companies not on the radar of analysts and investors may be experiencing a growth in sales and profit, but it may not be reflected by an increase in their share prices.
  • “It’s a business that has prime property in large cities like Mexico City,” Costa said.
  • The Return on Capital Employed ratio is used to measure a company’s performance by revealing how much profit it generates from its total assets.

Once your trade is booked, you may find that the post-trade experience has a wait-and-see feel to it. The online systems are robust and reliable, but human error can come into play. Fat-finger errors are easy to make, which is why even experienced traders check the portfolio section of their account soon after trading. Any errors are best rectified before price moves too far from where you traded.

The Price to Earnings ratio is the ratio of the current price of a company’s share with its Earnings Per Share . It is a commonly used tool to determine if the company is over or undervalued in the market. Even though the above criteria of elimination is not foolproof, it can help in narrowing down available investment options to a much more manageable number of potentially undervalued stocks. A stock is considered to be undervalued when its market price is considered to be lower than its true value. Investing in such stocks can be quite rewarding, and it can also reduce the overall risk of the investor. The fundamental point is to discover shares or stocks with ratios distinctive to the business standards or the industry conditions.

That’s the reason why many are still moving into the space and buying up the best undervalued stocks in India. Founded in 1973, Hinduja Global Solutions Limited is engaged in business process management. The company’s principal activity includes consumer engagement, digital CX, and business process management . The stock’s 5-yr historical EPS growth is 102.14%, the highest in the list of the top 10 most undervalued stocks in 2022.


Another way to know how to find undervalued stocks is D/Eor Debt Equity. Let’s discuss some of the ways or criteria to know how to find undervalued stocks in India. So, let us give you such valuable information on how to find undervalued stocks. You can sign up for monthly newsletters that provide professional stock recommendations and analysis to look for under the value share list. These newsletters offer thorough stock analyses and thoroughly sourced fair value estimates to investors.

The results are sure to provide an indication of the fund management team’s convictions related to finding undervalued stocks. According to Kalpen Parekh of DSP Mutual Fund, one metric that can be used to ensure that one does not overpay to invest in a stock is the Price to Book Ratio or P/B Ratio of the company. If the P/B Ratio of a company is more than 1.5 times the average P/B Ratio of the sector, the stock is considered to be expensive.

If a company can maintain a high ROE across market cycles, it can be said that it is a good company with higher chances of survival irrespective of changing market conditions. On paper, the lower depreciation will result in an increase in the profitability of the company. However, this short-term increase in profitability will come at the cost of the company’s long-term stability.

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