A Guide to Different Types of Website Structures Building Your Website

There are over 9 billion websites in the world, so it’s safe to say that there is a lot of diversity on the web. However, even though most sites look different, if you peel back the surface, most are based on a few simple site architecture types. Website structure and site architecture are based on the same kind of structure we use to organize the table of contents in a book.

The Document Object Model majorly referred to as the DOM, is an important part of making a website interactive. This interface allows programming languages ​​to manipulate websites’ content, structure, and style. JavaScript is the client-side scripting how to plan a website structure language that connects to the DOM of a web browser. For example, switching image slideshows, displaying errors when users try to submit incomplete forms, and switching navigation menus result from JavaScript access and DOM manipulation.

How to Create High Converting Landing Page Web Design in 2023

Likewise, non-profit organizations to need attention from the public and thus, websites come into the picture. They use them to inform their audience, raising funds, and also informing about themselves what they are doing. This type of website enables you to store your photographs online and share them with your family and friends. Here you can upload as much as you want, also manage it as well as share it . These websites are used for sharing your personal information.

  • The hierarchical model is similar to a tree in that it has trunks that branch into categories and pages.
  • However, I understand that the structure of our website may not be what we thought about improving SEO.
  • Images don’t have to be arranged in a grid, but they often are, as it’s on-trend.
  • A website structure refers to the hierarchy, order and organization of your site’s pages, mapped out by a desired user experience.
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The database model is a great way to organize information if you want people to be able to search and find it logically. Categories are broad groups of information that you plan to have on your website. These might be types of products or services, or on an information site, top-level information categories. Elise Dopson Elise Dopson is a freelance B2B writer for SaaS and marketing companies.

How many website structure types are there?

They would instead go to a store where all the items are properly organized so that it’s easy for them to distinguish between different items and spot what they want. Customers prefer stores that are well categorized and organized. People like to visit, browse through, and make purchases on websites with a proper website structure. Website structure can be defined as the projection of a website’s layout to fill up all its informational space and provide intuitive access to its content.

You should consider business goals, content audit results and some trial and error. There are several types and subcategories of structure out there, but we’re going to focus on the four that you’ll most often see used in the wild. An organized structure makes your website more intuitive for first-time visitors. They’ll find sought-after information even if you have hundreds of pages. Build completely custom, production-ready websites — or ultra-high-fidelity prototypes — without writing a line of code. In a linear model, the site visitor can go straight to the next step when they’ve learned what they need to know from the previous one.

Discuss the 3 types of website structure

You need to use a suitable JavaScript framework for your website. With the introduction of the Google Evergreen bot, the crawler can now render more than 1000 web platform features that it could not earlier, making SEO easier. As we have discussed through this blog, the significance of website structure is uncanny, but the question is how to tick mark all these aspects. The answer is to get your business website designed with Webtel.

types of website structures

Think from your user’s perspective and think about the tasks you want them to accomplish in your website and the content that might attract them. Good website structure will indeed boost your SEO and chances to rank better in Google search results. Now let’s see why we need a web design structure to begin with. This would entail 3-4 pages and you would take your users through a funnel intended from page 1 to 4. Let me consider that you are new to the idea of website structure, and start from the beginning.

Hierarchical structure by the Webflow Merch Store

There are other types of websites to create for entertainment purposes. You can also create a site to share music, ebooks, videos, and vlogs as well as anything else that’s entertaining. See what your competitors are doing, and how their information is structured.

types of website structures

UPQODE’s project management was good—their staff met weekly with the client and was always very punctual. UPQODE brought troubleshooting, recommendations, and ideas that our previous partner was unable to provide. The design they’ve inserted into the product has enabled us to deliver products more quickly. They have always been very helpful in recommending better solutions. The content used here is usually straightforward and short because it mainly focuses on highlighting a service or product and encouraging people to buy it.

Your Website and The Search Engines

Also, you can share your philosophical thoughts and showcase your work. Wiki websites are digital encyclopedias where information is user-submitted and published. Many businesses use a forum this way to offer self-serve support for their customers.

With the navigation at the top of every page, visitors can move between information at any point. The linear structure places pages in a single logical sequence, one after the other. This model works well for creators who want to showcase a brand, product, https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ or service with minimal content. Internal linking helps website visitors and crawlers move between pages. Internal links are an important part of SEO since they improve the crawlability of a site, as well as passing link juice between pages.

What is the best way to structure a website?

It is named after the visual it creates for a website structure, which is a web of landing pages. This model interconnects all the parent pages with the subpages and main page so everything can be accessed by the user in minimal clicks. Site structure or website architecture refers to how your website is designed or how various pages on your website are connected for excellent user experience.

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